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APC419.OFC_tabletSeptember 2015 issue:

APC mag’s September issue tackles digital storage in all its forms — from the cloud to portables to networked and beyond!

We’ll dig into what devices you should use where, review a huge range of products across multiple categories (including new SSD’s that’ll leave PC’s your current drive in the dust) and discuss why you need a network attached storage box, with essential buying advice whether you’re picking up a budget model or a super behemoth.

We’ve also got a huge range of practical guides, like how-to build an affordable PC for Windows 10, get started with basic videogame development, master Windows 10’s handy new virtual desktops feature and create a $45 Linux PC.

Plus, as always, you’ll find the latest reviews of hot tech products, need-to-know news and much more. Grab your copy today!


This magazine is available for sale at newsagents or online from 20 August 2015.

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