Seagate is now shipping 8TB hard drives

seagate hdd

Seagate has taken the covers off its new 8TB hard drive, which is shipping to limited enterprise clients now.

How to get more from Automator with AppleScript


Automator’s pre-built Actions might not do everything you need to do, but Matthew JC. Powell shows you how you can get more from Automator with AppleScript.

Win an Astro A40 Pro-Gaming headset worth $329


Thanks to Bluemouth Interactive, this month readers of APC have the chance to win a neon-orange Astro A40 Pro-Gaming headset worth a total of $329!

Gigabyte GB-BXi5G-760 review

Gigabyte GA-BXi5G-760 review

Can the Gigabyte GB-BXi5G-760 deliver big gaming chops in a palm-sized package?

Is Australia’s war on piracy approaching its Red Wedding moment?

GoT war on piracy

With Australians topping the list of countries downloading this season’s Game of Thrones finale via BitTorrent we’re once again having discussions about about digital piracy in Australia.

Z97 and Devil’s Canyon on test


Intel’s 2014 desktop gear is finally here, but is it worth updating to? We test two new CPUs and all the major flagship motherboards to find out.

MSI Z97 XPower AC review


The MSI Z97 XPower AC board is aimed at hardcore overclockers.

Gigabyte Z97 Gaming G1 WiFi BK review


The Gigabyte Z97 Gaming G1 is individually stress tested for 168 hours before shipment.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer review


The ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer offers premium performance without the excessive price tag.