MSI X99S Gaming 7 review

X99S GAMING 7 (MS-7885 v3.1)_3D1_16x9

The MSI X99S Gaming 7 is a more-affordable option for building a performance gaming PC.

Gigabyte X99-UD3 review


The Gigabyte X99-UD3 is rock solid and reasonably priced.

Gigabyte X99-SOC Force review


The Gigabyte X99-SOC Force pushes your hardware to the extreme.

Power In IP Numbers – Tribler the file sharing of the future

Tribler anonymous file sharing

Anonymous and decentralised BitTorrent site Tribler by reasearchers at Delft University of Technology, releases new version

ASUS X99 Deluxe review


The ASUS X99 Deluxe packs in oodles of extras. At a price.

ASUS X99-A review


THe ASUS X99-A is powerful, but still affordable too.

Super’Soak’er malware compromises 100,000 WordPress sites

Wordpress malware infects 100,000

RevSlider plugin leaves Wordpress sites vulnerable to the malware ‘SoakSoak’, that has infected over 100,000 pages since the weekend.

ASRock X99 WS review

X99 WS_45_16x9

Is it worth skipping a few extra features for the lower priced ASRock X99 WS?

ASRock X99 Extreme 6 review

X99 Extreme6_45_16x9

The ASRock X99 Extreme 6 is a very affordable X99 upgrade.

Chromebooks go primetime


Google’s low-cost PCs are everywhere, but can they really replace your laptop or desktop?