Thermaltake Ventus review

thermaltake ventus review

Sweaty palms begone, thanks to a beehive of airholes on this impressive gaming mouse.

Rapoo V900 review

rapoo v900

The Chinese peripheral maker ventures into the PC gaming space, with impressive results.

MSI AMD 970 Gaming motherboard review


The MSI Gaming Pedigree in a surprisingly affordable motherboard.

Learn how to code Java


Start learning how to write your own apps as Darren Yates begins a new Masterclass exploring the Java programming language.

Arduino Basics #1 – Using an ultrasonic sensor


In this new series, Darren Yates takes you through basic Arduino concepts, starting with communicating with an ultrasonic sensor.

Create the world’s smallest wireless music jukebox

Telstra snaps up HTC Wildfire for the prepaid social networking set

Have an old small-screen Android phone you no longer use? Darren Yates shows you how to turn it into a super-tiny wireless controlled music jukebox.

Four things to know about Yosemite

A world apart: Apple 27in iMac review

OS X 10.10 brings some big changes- some good, some bad. Matthew JC. Powell shows you how to avoid some of the future shock.

Macros with memories


Helen Bradley explains how to create a macro that remembers that it has been run previously.

Mini-PC School

MSI E350IA-E45 mini-ITX motherboard review

The most exciting things in PC-land are happening at the small end.
Craig Simms shrinks himself down and goes mini-ITX.

How to hack everything

Hackers start P2P Bank

Not all hacking is bad. Darren Yates explores the world of hacking your own hardware, where nothing is off limits.