Optus renews its BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport

Optus has announced availability for the squarish BlackBerry Passport smartphone, although there probably won’t be too much consumer demand for this one…

New model Mac Mini revealed: Is cheaper and faster than before

apple mac mini

It may have taken two years, but Apple has finally updated its Mac Mini. Paul Taylor walks you through all the improvements.

Forget 4K: New 27-inch iMac comes with 5K Retina display

imac 5k

4K just wasn’t good enough for Apple, so Cupertino went and created a 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display.

The new Apple iPad Air 2 is the thinnest iPad yet

ipad air 2

Apple has updated its iPad lineup. Here are all the details.

Beyond sci-fi: the future of AI & robotics


The distant future. The year 2000. Finally robotic beings rule the world. Well, not quite, but what does the future of robots really hold?

Conditional formats for Excel charts


Helen Bradley shows you how to apply conditional formats to an Excel chart using VBA.

Devil’s Canyon: Intel 9-series builder’s guide


With a modest budget of $200, Craig Simms grabs an Intel H97 and Z97 motherboard from each vendor and puts them through their paces, and recommends the best new Intel CPUs to go with ‘em.

MSI Z97 U3 Plus review


While the U3 is the cheapest of the Z97 motherboard in our recent roundup and thus affords some forgiveness, you lose a lot of functionality along the way.

MSI H97 Gaming 3 review


MSI’s H97 Gaming 3 builds on the standard H97 motherboard formula by adding the expected gaming accoutrements: step up sound, upgraded network capability..