How to make your own DIY Chromecast

diy chromecast

Google’s Chromecast dongle isn’t the only way to remotely stream your media content to your big screen. As Darren Yates explains, alternatives are everywhere.

How to secure your Android web browsing


It makes sense to take the time to encrypt any data travelling across free Wi-Fi networks, so here’s how to secure your browsing on Android.

How to create a PC for retro games

Nintendo 64

Retro’s not just for fashion, it’s for games too. Nathan Taylor shows you how to create your own retro gaming PC for cheap and turn it into your favourite old console using emulation.

Review: Apple iPad Air vs iPad mini 2 with Retina display


Whether you like or loathe the company it’s hard to dispute that Apple is still the king when it comes to tablets with its market share hovering around …

Best Android Apps – October 2013

Best Android Apps - October 2013

Amazon AppstoreThink outside the box for free apps (and more).Price: Free | By: Amazon | From: strength of Android at least from a user standpoint lies in its relatively open nature. There are multiple examples of this but a significant one – which many users perhaps aren’t aware of – is that the operating…

ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 review

ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 review

Price: $2399  |  Website: You couldn’t accuse Taiwanese component maker ASUS of being unambitious. Over the last half a decade or so the company’s managed to carve itself a prominent role in the laptop market and it’s now aiming to do the same for tablets all-in-one PCs and perhaps even smartphones. On the latter…

MPEG-2 support for your Pi

MPEG-2 support for your Pi

When you’re trying to put a computer together for US$25 you clearly have to cut a few corners. However the Raspberry Pi has managed to do more computing with $25 than any computer in history. Still that didn’t stop plenty of people complaining about one apparently crucial missing feature: the lack of MPEG-2 video playback…

The Tiny PC craze

The Tiny PC craze

By sheer numbers it’s the biggest CPU designer in the world claiming over 16 million chips shipped every day and more than 30 billion in existence. It has a close working relationship with Apple and it’s getting a boost from Microsoft’s newly released Windows 8 operating system. But we’re not talking about Intel. Its technology…

Best apps for Windows Phone, February 2013

Best apps for Windows Phone, February 2013

Gerbil Physics These gerbils aren’t so much angry as cute.Price: $3.49 |  By: Microsoft Studios |  Store: Windows Phone Store Gerbil Physics is a very cute physics puzzler. You place any of three types of explosives around the level to blow up structures with the goal to get all the gerbils to fall below the yellow line.…