Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite review


For the past year or so, if you wanted a laptop display that didn’t suck when compared to your average smartphone screen, you had to buy a Retina-equipped MacBook Pro. Obviously, as a fellow PC enthusiast, I know this isn’t a viable option.

Review: Apple iPad Air vs iPad mini 2 with Retina display


Whether you like or loathe the company it’s hard to dispute that Apple is still the king when it comes to tablets with its market share hovering around …

Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Surface 2


Microsoft tries to smooth out the cracks in its original Surface offerings. If you thought Microsoft needed to do something radical to stake its claim in the tablet wars …

Windows 8: Which licence to choose?

Windows 8: Which licence to choose?

The recent announcement that Microsoft had sold 100 million licences for Windows 8 its much-hyped revamp of its hugely successful Windows 7 operating system hammered home one strong point: if you haven’t already upgraded you probably will in the near future. Large businesses may be last in line however: many of those running Windows 7…